Sir Edward Trenton Richards

As Bermuda celebrates its 400th Anniversary, the United Bermuda Party salutes the contributions of the late Sir Edward Trenton Richards.

Sir Edward came to Bermuda in 1930 from Guyana, a deeply religious young man, to teach mathematics at the Berkeley Institute.

"ET", as Sir Edward was known, also worked as a journalist at the Bermuda Recorder, where he wrote pointed articles opposing the social injustices of that era.

He became a barrister and whilst studying in Britain he and Earl Seaton used their connections in Britain to assist Dr. E.F. Gordon when he presented a celebrated petition from the Bermuda Workers Association to the British Colonial Secretary.

Sir Edward would later get elected to the House of Assembly, becoming leader of the United Bermuda Party, the island's first Premier and the first black in Bermuda to be knighted by the Queen.

Sir Edward Trenton "ET" Richards - teacher, journalist, lawyer and peaceful warrior.

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